How to make a favicon.ico

If you run a website you will notice a ton of requests for “/favicon.ico”. This is because many web browsers will looks for a file name “favicon.ico” in the root of your website.

I do not know which web browsers do, but probably just IE since this was a Microsoft innovation.

There are other more modern ways to handle the “Favorites Icon” just as using a PNG and placing a special “link” tag on your webpages, but this tutorial is just the quick and dirty way to get a favicon.ico going.

  1. Get Liquid Icon XP from X2 Studios.

  2. Install and open Liquid Icon.

  3. Draw an image or copy and paste an image into the Liquid Icon editor.

  4. Save as an ICO file, and name “favicon.ico”.

  5. Copy this to the root of your website.

That is all it takes to get a cool little icon for your site and to stop the nagging 404 errors in your log.

While you are at it create a robots.txt file too, because there are a ton of 404s in your log files for that. Check out for help on that.